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Where is my Order?

When you order you will receive an order number from Note Perfect (numerals), and a transaction number (alpha numeric number) from PayPal. PayPal is our credit/debit card processor.

You can check your orders by :-

  1. Logging in to Note Perfect and checking your orders
  2. Logging into PayPal and checking your payments
  3. Check your credit/debit card statement. (We especially urge you to check this).

When you contact us in reference to an order please quote the Note Perfect Order Number and the PayPal Transaction Number, just quoting your name is not helpful.

We no longer provide CDs except by arrangement. Generally three things can happen that seem to delay an order.

  1. An order may have been paid by echeque. For downloads this will delay the release of the download to the client until the echeque is cleared. PayPal will email an expected time frame for clearance. It's status and the speed of clearance is not controlled by Note Perfect.
  2. An order has not completed - Please see this question "I am having difficulty completing my order, Is there anything I can do?"
  3. A client may have ordered a download when they really wanted a CD. For clarity - Our product pages are VERY CLEAR; there are two columns one for choosing CDs and one for choosing Downloads below the "Add to Cart" button. Choose the product(s) you require. Select the quatity you require, and click "Add to Cart."

    Despite this being clearly marked, there are those who order downloads, thinking that they are getting CDs. Clues to think about if ordered incorrectly are :
    • Downloads are available instantly as soon as payment is received (unless paid by echeque).
    • There is no shipping cost for downloads.
    • Clients who order downloads will get an email from us telling them that they have purchased downloads.

    It is important to read that email, and if there has been error and if CD's are required instead, then contact us, and all can be rectified, either by paying the difference and the shipping, or if no downloading has been performed, we can refund, so that the client can re-order correctly. On occasion we have received angry emails a week or two after the order chastising us with “Where is my order?” Please understand - when downloads are ordered we do not send CD's, however we are reasonable to changing the order to CD's when the difference in payment has been made.

For CD's you are given the option for various classes of postage. CD's are posted from Australia, so you should allow appropriate time for delivery. There are usually options available for fast delivery at extra cost.

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