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What do I need to know about making audio CDs?

You need to use a program capable of burning audio Cd's. we recommend NERO as being one of the best.

Watch a short video that takes you through the proces from start to finish. Watch Making Audio CD's here.

A brief text version is below. Follow the instructions for creating an audio CD with your program of choice.

For making Audio CDs you need to select the option for making Audio CD's and not CD-Rom ISO CDs. This latter however can be used if the appliance can read MP3's

NB. Most movements (tracks; MP3s) have a natural break with silence at the end, and the silence factor is built into the MP3s, however some longer movements are split at convenient places or score rehearsal sections, this is particularly so with our Beethoven Mass in C, and with our Verdi Requiem recordings, and some others. The names of the files should remain in Alpha-Numeric order.

So that a CD plays as we intend, ensure there are 0 (ZERO) seconds between the tracks. This will facilitate playing from one track to the next without an awkward silence at what may seem an inappropriate moment. When playing on an MP3 player, the breaks are more noticeable and unavoidable. Our MP3s are primarily designed for creating audio CDs.

No Pause


No Pause 2

If you do not use Nero, check your software instructions for creating the zero second gap, most have it somewhere. A free software burning program that has the feature as an alternative to Nero is CDBurnerXP. Mac users can consider using Burn, alternatively iTunes can make audio CDs, please refer to iTunes help for importing music files and making audio CDs. (NB there are links to some iTunes help in other FAQs on this site, we at Note Perfect to not provide help with iTunes, since it has its own help and support).

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