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One of the easiest ways to search all our voice training music, is to click the Site Map which gives a quick overview of the site structure and can take you to any section. This is about the easiest way to find the choral training music we provide at a glance.

Alternatively use the menu in the "categories box" at the top left. Choose a Composer and then a title of a work by that composer. All the vocal training music we offer for that composer will be listed.

Throughout the site we have several FREE products that you can download (subject to our Conditions of Use), This is to give our clients experience of how our site works in ordering and downloading our files before purchasing our other works. Credit/Debit card is not required for these items. (Please do not confuse Free Download with "Bonus Downloads." To obtain the bonus downloads, one must make a purchase from that page).

Listen to examples on line

There are choir training examples from every choral work we offer provided on this site for you to listen to and evaluate in a player on the overview page for each work.

Copy our vocal training music to your choir

Our generous licence allows you to duplicate our choral music education tracks without further cost to members of your choir or organisation. Subject to Licence* and agreement granted at purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions and Information

There are always questions that people ask, and virtually every question and problem encountered has been answered in our FAQ pages. Before contacting us for help please look through this section because more often than not, it has already been answered.

* Our instruments use the digital reproduction sound of real instruments. Some of our recordings (pre 2007) were made before we used this technology. Not every nuance of live real instruments can be replicated digitally, hence a real performance is always far superior. Digitally, we endeavour to create the essence of the work, to make learning a pleasurable experience, notwithstanding a music director's right of interpretation, or reinterpretation, we have largely interpreted works in the commonly accepted form, however on occasion especially where there is a lack of direction we have made a personal interpretation - As an example, some sections of Dvorak Mass in D, several section of the organ version can be interpreted in various ways, for which we have looked to the orchestral version for guidance. For unaccompanied ( a Capella) we allocate suitable instruments.

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