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Thanks very much - I really like the new design of your website - and I’ve found your practice CD’s to be the best combination of high quality and cost effectiveness that are available anywhere on the internet.

JJ. The Queens College Choral Society affiliated with the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College-CUNY, New York.
Thank you so much for the great service! I have been looking for quality practice tracks that were downloadable for some time. I will be sure to let my choir know about your fabulous service. And thanks to Note Perfect you are helping to make a very difficult piece a delight to learn.

CN Ohio. USA

 I think the service you provide is wonderful and I would not have nearly as much fun with my choir were it not for your training CDs.

KB California. USA.
The Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus in Rochester NY has been using Note Perfect rehearsal CD's and downloads for several years. The website is easy to use and the new download feature saves postage and time. Our chorus members have been very happy with the rehearsal CD's and they have become an expected part of the resources provided to our members. We have also asked Note Perfect to add Schubert's Mass in E-Flat Major, heeding their advice to give plenty of notice for such a request and they were able to provide that service. Note Perfect is my number one choice for chorus learning tools!

CU Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus, Rochester, NY
I just love the Messiah and need to really learn it better for when I go to Messiah sing-a-longs in December. These helper files are just the thing, and I wish I had them years ago! I've got a lot of fun work ahead of me. :)

AH Massachusetts USA

The members of the Mohawk Valley Choral Society in Central New York State have used the recordings from Note Perfect in preparation for several concerts and is happy to recommend them. Our chorus members have found these recordings most useful. They have especially helped those members of our chorus who have limited musical knowledge to fully participate in our Choral Society rehearsals and performances.

DM Mohawk Valley Choral Society

For choirs, buying the music is often the easy part. Learning the notes in a reasonable time can be a chore for some choristers who don't read music well. There are a number of people who offer rehearsal aids, but the best that I have found are by Note Perfect - great for learning, beautifully presented, and a pleasure to listen to.


Note Perfect is the ultimate site to help any choir create a choral masterpiece. Customer service from a REAL person is so rare in these days of high technology and Note Perfect was there for us from start to finish. Thanks so much for all of your support as the Quire of Voyces performed the Bach Mass in B Minor. You helped our choir immensely!

RY Santa Barbara
California USA
You are our choirs new hero. They are so grateful and overjoyed by your work, you can hardly imagine. They couldn't believe they were so lucky. Wait till they hear how beautiful it sounds! My conductors hope is that this will be the beginning of a lasting relationship. We will certainly commission more recordings in the near future.

MB South America
Just wanted to let you know that the CD’s arrived safely this morning in the mail. Excellent service. I previewed a few tracks from them and am more than happy with their quality.

KA. Arkansas USA

I have used the CDs for Fauré Requiem, and have found them absolutely invaluable. They have cut down hugely on the time we spend note-bashing.

I am looking forward to using the Messiah CDs, which I have just ordered.

DB. Dunboyne Ireland

Many, many thanks for your CDs of the Crucifixion. Almost 50% of our small choir are not fluent music readers and so seized upon them, and the difference it made to the sound we produced was astonishing. Within 2 weeks of using them, we were all confident and competent, and able to concentrate on perfecting our understanding of the dynamics and the "performance". You have new regular customers!

SB. Wick England


"Good review."

“An invaluable aid for choirs”

“Great way to do your homework!”

“I found myself doing it over & over again – fantastic!”

“I found it incredible – very helpful!”

“A real treat to practice with the orchestra! I have it on all the time so the melody just sinks in.”

“Excellent! Excellent! To sing and listen.”

“Fabulous! The notes stick in my head!”

“Both enjoyable and helpful.”

“An enjoyable way to practice.”

“Fabulous! I listen to it every time I’m in the car – which is all the time!”

Comments from members of the "Women Making Music Choir" in Montreal.

I got your bass practice CD for Handel's Messiah, and after using other training aids, nothing beats it for precision in singing the correct notes. In some of the more difficult Messiah choruses, some of the notes come fast and furious and are very slippery to nail down, so to speak, but your CD makes it pretty painless. That's because the piano is clearer and more precise than a human voice, and the muted accompaniment establishes a context which is very helpful for timing purposes; it is superior to a piano alone.

Thank you for making these fine training aids. It's nice to be able to sing a difficult work with confidence.

MR. Oregon USA

I used the "Messiah" bass and tenor accompaniment at an Easter performance to rave reviews. I have searched every music store and Internet site I could find and this recording is, without a doubt, the VERY BEST recording available on the World-Wide market today. The voicing is superb, the tempos perfect, and the quality excellent. Anyone who is thinking of performing the Messiah, who can't afford a full orchestra, MUST use this arrangement. It has been said that Handel was Divinely inspired by God and I believe that the same can be said of Rod and Note Perfect for giving us the incredible arrangement.

DC. Atlanta Georgia USA.

I have ordered choral training recordings twice from Note Perfect. The first time was for Handel's Messiah. I was so pleased with the quality of the recording that I asked for the Gounod "St. Cecilia Mass" (Messe Solenelle) when our chorus began rehearsing that piece, which was new to me. Rod replied that he didn't have it but would do it for us! In short order he delivered five CDs--the four choral parts plus the accompaniment. I shared the recordings among other members of the chorus and they were delighted. The choral director was so impressed she wants to order training recordings for our next work!

SH. Maine USA

I've used your training CD for the Vivaldi Gloria as well as for other works and I find the CDs excellent for note training. I especially like having the part highlighted during the note-learning stage but think it's a great idea to have the accompaniment as well for use once the notes have been mastered. I use both quite a lot.
I don't get a lot of time to sit and practise so I use the CD player in my car to play the CD over and over. By sheer dint of hearing the notes so many times, my brain masters the difficult intervals as well as the different rhythms and entry points for my part. Then, when I occasionally sit down with the music as well as the CD, it's just a matter of putting the words to the notes I've learned.
I really appreciate having CDs available to assist me with the learning process for any new work. I think they're a splendid innovation and wish you success in marketing more and more of them.

VB. Queensland Australia

Last year I purchased the Handel's Messiah CD set from you. This included the SATB parts and the accompaniment CD as well. Your CD's were a great help for us and I don't think we could have made it without you.

DS. California USA

Got the CD this week and it is great. Thank you so much for this terrific tool. I will be auditioning for the Indianapolis Arts Chorale and one of the choruses on your CD is the audition piece. My chances are so much greater thanks to your product.

BC. Indianapolis USA

And then a little later

Hi, my name is BC and I ordered your CD of Handel's Messiah for altos to prepare for an audition with the Indianapolis Arts Chorale. I just wanted to let you know that I passed the audition and was invited to join the group. I know I would not have been as prepared and relaxed as I was if it were not for the help your product helped me to be. Thank you so much!

BC. Indianapolis USA

I received the CD's last Wednesday and we used the accompaniment CD at choir practice that evening. It was very helpful, and tomorrow night we'll probably experiment with the sectional CD's. I appreciate your patience and efforts in getting me these CD's. If I have the opportunity to recommend your products to others, I'll make every effort to do so. Thanks again.

JC. Georgia USA

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