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Mass for Four Voices (Messa di Gloria)

Mass for Four Voices (Messa di Gloria)

Messa a quattro voci by GiacomoPuccini is more widely known as Messa di Gloria. It is scored for orchestra and four-part choir with tenor, bass and baritone soloists. A true Messa di Gloria only contains the Kyrie and Gloria, but this mass has all the elements required for a complete mass. (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei).

For the choir we provide rehearsal aids for all the parts for all Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Choir We provide separate tracks for each voice type.

For soloists, we provide tracks that have wind instruments playing the soloist part with the orchestra, as well as tracks, just as the orchestra plays. There are few solo's in this work, so for downloads. we provide MP3s to soloists free of charge.

Please scroll down to review our demonstration samples for this work at the foot of this page.


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For the Choir

  • All parts highlighted individually on piano
  • All choir parts played together on piano with orchestral accompaniment *
  • All parts played on organ with orchestral accompaniment *
  • All choral sections, just as the orchestra plays *

* this is provided as the bonus download

For the Soloist

  • All soloist sections with the soloist part highlighted on a wind instrument
  • All soloists sections with one voice removed (Agnus Dei)
  • All soloist sections just as the orchestra plays

In addition to the above we also provide the complete work in sequential order

  • With instrumental assistance for all vocalists (Choir and Solists)
  • Without instrumental assistance (just as the orchestra plays).


  • For the choir choose a voice (or voices). In addition to the chosen voice you will get SATB together and Orchestral with help for the choral sections.
  • We provide all soloist sections for all voices in the one package.

NB Some download files are extremely large, we advise using a download management program to assist. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Click the PLAY symbol to listen to samples selected from Puccini Mass for Four Voices (Messa di Gloria) Rehearsal Aids.
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Gloria - Choir Soprano
Gloria - Choir Alto
Gloria - Choir Tenor
Gloria - Choir Bass
Gloria - Choir SATB Together
Gloria - Accompaniment with Assistance for voices
Gloria - Accompaniment without Assistance for voices
Crucifixus - Solo Bass with assistance
Crucifixus Solo Bass without assistance

  • Kyrie (Choir)
  • Gloria (Choir)
    • Et in terra pax (Choir)
    • Gratias agimas tibi / Gloria (Tenor Solo / Choir) *
    • Qui tollis peccata (Choir)
    • Cum Sancto Spiritu (Choir)
  • Credo (Choir)
    • Crucifixus (Solo Bass/Choir)**
    • Et resurrexit (Choir)
    • Et unam sanctum (Choir)
  • Sanctus (Benedictus) (Solo Baritone and Choir)
  • Agnus Dei (Soli Tenor and Bass; Choir)

* Some editions print an alternative “Gratias agimus” with an orchestral postlude. (WE PROVIDE BOTH VERSIONS)
** Puccini originally allocates “Crucifixus” to bass chorus, but it is more commonly allocated for solo bass.


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