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Te Deum (WAB 45)

Te Deum (WAB 45)

The Te Deum in C major WAB 45 is a set for SATB (SSAATTBB in several places) choir and SATB Soli, orchestra, and organ ad libitum. It was first published in 1885 by Theodore R├Ąttig. The composer dedicated it "to God in gratitude for having safely brought me through so much anguish in Vienna."

Please scroll down to review our demonstration samples for this work at the foot of this page.


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For the choir :

  • a single voice part highlighted on piano over the orchestral accompaniment for each voice separately. (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass).
  • all four parts played together on piano, with the orchestral accompaniment *
  • orchestral accompaniment with assistance played on the organ *
  • orchestral accompaniment with no assistance for voice*

* This is included when you purchase any voice part, as the Bonus Download.

For the soloists :

  • For the most part, soloists sing together as a quartet, trio or duet.
  • All soloist parts played on a wind instrument, with the orchestra
  • The accompaniment without assistance
  • Soloist parts played together without the orchestra (or minimal orchestra where needed)
    Duets, trios etc with one voice removed. EG an alto soloist can rehearse and hear the other parts that she doesn't sing.


  • Orchestral version with wind instrument assistance for singers (both choir and soloists)
  • Orchestral version without assistance for singers. (N.B the instruments however in several places reflect the choral parts).

Click the PLAY symbol to listen to samples selected from Bruckner Te Deum Rehearsal Aids.
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Aeterna fac - Choir - Soprano 1
Aeterna fac - Choir - Soprano 2
Aeterna fac - Choir - Alto 1
Aeterna fac - Choir - Alto 2
Aeterna fac - Choir - Tenor 1
Aeterna fac - Choir - Tenor 2
Aeterna fac - Choir - Bass
Aeterna fac - Choir - SSAATTB Together
Aeterna fac - Choir - With Assistance
Aeterna fac - Choir - Accompaniment
Non Confunar SATB Soli - With Assistance
Non Confunar SATB Soli - Without Assistance
Non Confunar SATB Soli - Without Soprano
Non Confunar SATB Soli - Without Alto
Non Confunar SATB Soli - Without Tenor
Non Confunar SATB Soli - Without Bass

  • Te Deum
  • Te ergo quaesumus
  • Aeterna fac
  • Salvum fac
  • In te Domine speravi
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