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Requiem in D minor (Op. 48)

Requiem in D minor (Op. 48)

Gabriel Fauré composed "Requiem in D minor" between 1887 and 1890. It is a choral-orchestral setting of the Latin Roman Catholic Mass for the Dead.

It was composed in the late 1880s his final revision was in 1900. It's duration is about 35 minutes. It is written for SATB (SATTBB) choir, soprano and baritone solos, orchestra and organ. It premiered in its first version in 1888 in La Madeleine, Paris.

For the choir :

  • The selected vocal part is highlighted on piano, with the other voices played on wind instruments with the accompaniment. There are also seperate tracks for Tenor 1; Tenor 2; Bass 1 and Bass 2 as required.
  • a version with all choir vocal parts played together on piano with the accompaniment *
  • accompaniment with the vocal parts played on wind instruments and no piano highlight

* This is included when you purchase any voice part, as the Bonus Download.

Accompaniment (and For the Soloist) :

  • accompaniment with vocal parts played on wind instruments including soloist sections
  • accompaniment as the orchestra plays with no help for choir or soloist, except in the occasional section where the voices are unaccompanied for a lengthened period for a foundation.

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Offertoire (Exerpt) - Choir Soprano
Offertoire (Exerpt) - Choir Alto
Offertoire (Exerpt) - Choir Tenor
Offertoire (Exerpt) - Choir Bass
Offertoire (Exerpt) - Choir SATB Together
Offertoire (Exerpt) - Choir Accompaniment
Sanctus - Choir Accompaniment with assistance
Sanctus - Choir Accompaniment without assistance


  • Introit et Kyrie
  • Offertoire
  • Sanctus
  • Pie Jesu
  • Agnus Dei
  • Requiem æternam
  • Libera Me
  • In Paradisum
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