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Saint Cecilia Mass (Messe Solennelle De Sainte Cecile)

Saint Cecilia Mass (Messe Solennelle De Sainte Cecile)

The Saint Cecilia Mass (Messe Solennelle en l’honneur De Sainte Cecile, or Messe Solennelle De Sainte Cecile) was first performed in its entirety in the church of St Eustache, Paris on Saint Cecilia's Day, 22 November 1855.

It is set for SATTBB Choir and STB Soli. The Soprano and Alto choir section is also split into two parts each in part of the Gloria.

In this training aid, we have provided all the parts Soprano, Alto, Tenor 1 and 2, Bass 1 and 2 (including the small sections where Soprano and Alto parts separate in the Gloria).

The training aids have an orchestral style accompaniment with the voice part highlighted with piano. The remaining parts are quieter on other instruments.

Please scroll down to review our demonstration samples for this work at the foot of this page.


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For the Choir :

  • All the Choral parts for the chosen voice highlighted on piano with orchestral accompaniment. The remaining voices are assigned to wind instruments
  • All the Choral parts with all the vocal parts played on the piano together.*

* This is included when you purchase any voice part, as the Bonus Download.

Complete Work Accompaniment and Soloist :

  • All vocalist parts highlighted on wind instruments with the orchestral accompaniment.
  • All soloist sections of the work as accompaniment with no soloist part highlighted.

Click the PLAY symbol to listen to samples selected from Gounod St Cecelia Mass Rehearsal Aids.
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Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Soprano
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Alto
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Tenor 1
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Tenor 2
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Bass 1
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Bass 2
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir SATB Together
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Accompaniment with soloist assistance
Gloria (Laudamus te) - Choir Accompaniment without soloist assistance
Credo (Opening) - Choir Soprano
Credo (Opening) - Choir Alto
Credo (Opening) - Choir Tenor 1
Credo (Opening) - Choir Tenor 2
Credo (Opening) - Choir Bass 1
Credo (Opening) - Choir Bass 2
Credo (Opening) - Choir SATB Together
Credo (Opening) - Choir Accompaniment

Movements :
  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
    • Ladamus te
    • Domine fili unigenite
    • Quoniam tu solus
  • Credo
    • Et incarnatus
    • Crucifixus
    • Et resurexit
    • Et expecto resurectionem
  • Offertoire
  • Sanctus
  • Benedictus
  • Agnus Dei
  • Domine Salvum: Prière de l’Eglise
  • Domine Salvum: Prière de l’Armée
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