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Downloading with Note Perfect

Downloading with Note Perfect

Information that you need to know and understand about downloading.

Why Download?

There are several reasons why downloading is one of the best options:

  • Cost effective (Considerably cheaper than purchasing CDs and paying for their postage).
  • You have easy access to the downloads as soon as they are purchased.
  • No waiting for the post to arrive (unless paid for by eCheque)
  • Excellent and easy choice for a last minute decision, when you need to learn your notes urgently
  • Ready to use choral music downloads for mp3 players, so that you can learn your notes while on the move
  • Sometimes downloads have bonus tracks that cannot fit on to CDs. (Zadok the Priest is an example)

We provide several free of charge and easy to use items like choral music online download across our site, (subject to our Conditions of Use) so that you can fully experience how the site operates.
Please enjoy these with our compliments. They will be in the easy download section of the page, but exclude Bonus Download items, which require a purchase.

Online Catalogue structure is as follows:-

  • Composer
    • Work (Composition)
      • Voice (includes Choir, Soloist etc in voice order - SATB)


For each work we provide easy audio samples and choral music downloads for you to listen to, there is no need for registration. You can also online download the samples by right clicking the file name and saving to a location of your choice on your computer. These are not in zip files.

Download Files

Obtaining online downloads through the cart are provided as ZIP files and can easily be extracted to a folder of your choice on your computer. We chose the easy options of zip to distribute the music because in the long run it is less work for you, the down-loader. Because of this the choral music download files can be quite large, but in the age of broadband this is not so much of a problem.
There are many good mp3 free download manager programs such as Download Accelerator or Free Download Manager that can resume downloading in the event of disconnection. These can run in the background while you are doing other things on your computer.

We strongly recommend that you use a download management program for choral music downloads such as those mentioned, as they are usually much more reliable than the one provided in the operating system or browser shell. We also recommend online downloading to a computer and not a mobile device unless the mobile device has a capacity for large files.

Once downloaded, Open the zip file by double-clicking on it. More often than not there will be a folder name ( eg "Choir Alto") It is best for you to create a folder with the name of the work (ie "Handel Messiah") and then it is easy drag the zipped folder (eg "Choir Alto") into it. If more than one zip file has the same name, it is because it has more files for that voice. Additionally a zip file may also contain more than one folder. All choral music folders should be extracted.

Burning Choral Music MP3s to disk

Our MP3's are CD quality bit-rate. We have tested burning our MP3s with NERO, and recommend this to be the best software. Whatever CD burning software you use, please refer to your software instructions on how to make Audio CD's.

Mobile Devices

Our MP3s are compatible with all good devices that support the MP3 format.

You should refer to your device instructions for any support in using mobile devices. Especially in transferring files to them and/or playing them. Any help needed for these devices should come from the device manufacturer/supplier. Note Perfect does not provide easy methodology support for using mobile devices, in other words, we cannot teach you to use your device. We do have some links to mobile device assistance in our Frequently Asked Questions.

As with any mp3 product you should exercise due diligence before you buy and we provide more than enough information and files for you to do this. You can test your device by ordering any of our free products.(The details are on the home page).


Our FAQ is very comprehensive and provides information and of how to use our site; ordering; downloading zip files; extracting mp3s from the zip files and making audio CD's. However, by ordering our online downloads you should have the following prerequisite knowledge:-

  • how to use your computer
  • you know what zip and choral music mp3 files are and how to use them
  • you are familiar with software for processing zip and mp3 files
  • you know how to download files from web sites
  • you know how to use your mobile device if you use one

Due to there being so many mobile devices, we cannot provide online support in using them, your support must come from your device manufacturer/supplier.


Any pictures displayed, represent CD artwork. No artwork is included for online downloads.

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