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BWV232 Mass in B Minor (H moll)

BWV232 Mass in B Minor (H moll)

The Mass in B minor is one of Bach's last, not completed until 1749, the year before his death. Much of the it gave new form to some of the vocal music that he had composed during his life.

The Mass in B minor is set for four to eight part choir depending on the scoring for the section, and five soloists (SSATB).

Note Perfect provides rehearsal assistance for both choir and soloists. Please review our sample recording below and make your selection according to your requirement.



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Note Perfect provides rehearsal assistance for both choir and soloists.

  • The Accompaniment Download has 2 recordings of the work.
    • With assistance for vocalist.
    • Without assistance for vocalists

For the choir :

  • a single voice part highlighted on piano over the orchestral accompaniment
  • all four parts played together on piano, with the orchestral accompaniment
  • orchestral accompaniment with assistance played on the organ

For the soloists :

  • accompaniment with the soloist parts played on wind instruments (a different instrument for each voice)
  • are the duets, playing one of the two vocal parts only with the accompaniment. Useful for identifying a single part, or for hearing the other part while rehearsing
  • orchestral accompaniment, with no assistance for voices

Accompaniment :

  • Orchestral accompaniment with all the choral vocal parts played on organ and the soloist vocal parts played on wind instruments
  • A recording with the accompaniment just as the orchestra plays. There is no instrumental assistance for vocalists

More Information :

  • Additionally, some publishers, such as Novello append an alternative arrangement for "Et in unum Dominum" we have included both arrangements
  • For Agnus Dei, the score includes solo violin to be played with the alto soloist, in some performances, the violin part is played on the flute. We have included tracks for both instruments.
Click the PLAY symbol to listen to samples selected from Bach B Minor Mass Rehearsal Aids.
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Credo In Unum Deum - Choir Soprano 1
Credo In Unum Deum - Choir Soprano 2
Credo In Unum Deum - Choir Alto
Credo In Unum Deum - Choir Tenor
Credo In Unum Deun - Choir Bass
Credo In Unum Deum - Choir SATB Together
Credo In Unum Deum - Choir with assistance
Credo In Unum Deum - Choir Accompaniment
Patrem Omnipotentem - Choir Soprano
Patrem Omnipotentem - Choir Alto
Patrem Omnipotentem - Choir Tenor
Patrem Omnipotentem - Choir Bass
Patrem Omnipotentem - Choir SATB Together
Patrem Omnipotentem - Choir with assistance
Patrem Omnipotentem - Choir Accompaniment
Laudamus Te - Solo Soprano - With Assistance
Laudamus Te - Solo Soprano - Without Assistance


  • Kyrie Eleison (Chorus)
  • Christe Eleison (Soprano duet)
  • Kyrie Eleison (Chorus)
  • Gloria in Excelsis (Chorus)
  • Laudamus Te (Soprano solo)
  • Gratias Agimus (Chorus)
  • Domine Deus (Soprano - Tenor duet)
  • Qui Tollis (Chorus)
  • Qui Sedes (Alto solo)
  • Quoniam Tu Solus (Bass solo)
  • Cum Sancto Spiritu (Chorus)
  • Credo In Unum Deun (Chorus)
  • Patrem Omnipotentem (Chorus)
  • Et in Unum Dominum (Soprano - Alto solo)
  • Incarnatus Est (Chorus)
  • Crucifixus (Chorus)
  • Et Resurrexit (Chorus)
  • Et in Spiritun Sanctum (Bass solo)
  • Confiteor Unum Baptisma (Chorus)
  • Sanctus (Chorus)
  • Hosanna (Chorus)
  • Benedictus (Tenor solo)
  • Hosanna (Chorus)
  • Agnus Dei I
  • Dona Nobis Pacem (Chorus)
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